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✔️ Reduces blackheads, pimples and reduces wrinkles

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Eclipsis MikroDerm is a breakthrough skin care device that effectively reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads and fine lines in just a few weeks. It stimulates your skin's natural production of collagen and elastin, which actively reduces wrinkles.

With its innovative diamond tip, dead skin cells and impurities are removed, while the vacuum function deeply cleanses and smoothes the skin. The result? A noticeable improvement in skin texture, visibly reduced pores, and a significant reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and light scars.

Try Eclipsis MikroDerm with our 100-day satisfaction guarantee.

Eclipsis MikroDerm combines the gentle exfoliating power of microcrystals and an effective suction mechanism that improves skin texture and provides a smoother surface.

Eclipsis MikroDerm is your solution for visibly reduced pores. By cleansing the pores in depth, it refines the skin's surface, resulting in a more uniform and flawless skin texture.

Improve your skin's health and radiance with Eclipsis MikroDerm. This tool stimulates blood circulation and promotes cell renewal, which can reduce redness and induce a youthful glow.

We value your safety. Eclipsis MikroDerm is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types. It's easy to use - just select the desired suction power level and gently move the device over your face to experience the cleansing and rejuvenating effect. Let Eclipsis MikroDerm be your partner in your journey towards radiant and youthful skin.

Achieve flawless skin with Eclipsis Diamond Sharpener

✨ Reduce scars, fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen production naturally declines with age, and this can affect the appearance of the skin. But fear not! MicroDerm has the solution. By performing gentle micro-abrasions in the skin and improving blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissue, MicroDerm promotes the production of collagen. This powerful boost of collagen helps reduce acne scars, blur fine lines and improve pigmentation over time.

✨ Minimize pore size

Are you longing for a more even skin texture? Then MicroDerm is the answer! By effectively removing trapped sebum, dead skin and excess oil from pores, MicroDerm manages to minimize pore size. The result is smoother and more radiant skin.

✨ Tailor to your skin's needs

We know that all skin types are different. That's why MicroDerm offers a customized experience. With 3 different suction heads and 4 different suction strengths, you can adapt your MicroDerm treatment to suit your needs perfectly.

✨ Never need to press your nose again

Gone are the days when you felt the pain and discomfort of squeezing blackheads out of your nose! MicroDerm makes blackhead removal easy, painless and fast. In just 5 minutes you will achieve visible results and leave your skin healthy and clean.

How does Eclipsis Microderm work?

1. Give your skin a gentle CLEANSING treatment

Our sanding head with small, fine crystals is designed to gently polish and effectively remove the dead skin cells from your face. At the same time, the powerful vacuum suction works hard to remove blackheads, impurities and waste materials from the tissue, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.

2. REBUILDS your skin's natural beauty

With the help of our innovative vacuum suction, blood circulation is increased and the skin's natural healing process is activated. This contributes to an increased production of collagen - the key to youthful and radiant skin. The result is clearly cleaner skin with smaller pores and a beautiful, healthy glow.

3. IMPROVES your skincare experience

With the top layers of dead skin gently removed from the face, your skin is now ready to absorb and benefit from the skin care products you normally use. The active ingredients penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin, which maximizes their effect and gives you an optimal skin care experience.

Give your skin the love and care it deserves with our advanced system. Experience the transformation that happens when you cleanse, rebuild and improve your skin with our amazing product!


Try our 4 suction heads

Your new product comes with no less than 4 different suction heads, 3 of which are diamond heads that are tailored to your unique skin care.

In addition to the diamond heads, you also get an oval head as well as a small head that gives you a complete treatment. In addition, the machine offers 4 strength levels, so you can adapt the treatment to your individual needs.

Our recommendations for the suction heads:

1. The diamond head - Give your skin a new life:
Enjoy the benefits of the diamond head that carefully removes dead skin cells and impurities. Experience refreshed and radiant skin like never before.

2. The oval head - Stimulate the whole face:
The oval head is perfect for stimulating blood circulation throughout your face. It helps improve skin health and gives you a youthful glow.

3. Little head - Precise removal of blackheads:
The small head is designed to tackle areas with blackheads, such as around the nose. Achieve clean and flawless skin when you target blackheads.

You get this with the purchase

- 1 Eclipsis MicroDerm

- 4 different suction heads

- 1 Detailed user manual

- 1 USB cable for charging

- 20 Filters (2 years consumption)*

*The filter is located inside the device and acts as an effective collector of the dead skin cells and dirt that is sucked in during the treatment. To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the filter after 6-8 treatments. A detailed guide on how to do this is clearly described in the user manual. Be sure to follow the filter replacement instructions to ensure your device is always working optimally and giving you the best skin care experience.

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